Security is everything. Taiwan AI Labs Federated Learning Framework keeps data inside institutes, while transferring AI model weights to complete the training progress.

Taiwan AILabs FL: Transmitting model weights, keeping data locally.

Before training data were integrated into Taiwan AI Labs Federated Learning Edge Machines, de-identification mechanism is fully applied to protect patient privacy. This makes sure only de-link patient data are in the training process. Hospitals could make sure that their patients’ privacy are well protected.

Taiwan AILabs FL: De-identification

Physically, Taiwan AI Labs Federated Learning Edge Machines are located inside the hospital internal intranet networks, which mean under the firewall protection, the edge machines won’t disclose data but keep the data internally safely. SSL certificates are fully applied during the training process, to ensure that no data leak is possible. In addition, trained model weights are encrypted to enhance the security level. Taiwan AI Labs Federated Learning Framework protects data in all aspects, much more than you expected!

Taiwan AILabs FL: All aspects security protection

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